General information about the Symposium in PDF.

The XI International Symposium on Plant Biotechnology, organized by the Instituto de Biotecnología de las Plantas (IBP), will be held from 9 to 11 April, 2014. This scientific event, as continuity of the previous ones, aims to contribute to the development and application of the advances in the field of Plant Biotechnology and enable the exchange of experiences among the participating specialists. It will be hosted by the Ministry of Higher Education of Cuba (MES), Ministry of Science, Technology and Environment (CITMA) and the Ministry of Agriculture of Cuba (MINAGRI).

 The XI International Symposium of Plant Biotechnology will be held on the same date that the Sixth Edition of International Conference on Agricultural Development and Sustainability Agrocentro 2014 organized by the Faculty of Agricultural Sciences, Universidad Central “Marta Abreu” de Las Villas.

These events will take place at the Hote HUSA Cayo Santa María Beach Resort*****, located in the Jardines del Rey archipelago in the north of Cuba, in an area declared as Biosphere Reserve. It is 10 km (5 min) away  from Las Brujas local airport, 50 km from the center of Caibarién city, and 116 km from the international airport Abel Santa Maria of Santa Clara (middle of Cuba) (90 min).

Abstract Submission Deadline:

10 March, 2014


 Plant cell, tissue and organ culture
 In vitro propagation
 Plant breeding
 Secondary metabolism
 Plant-microbe interactions
 Functional genomics and proteomics
 Biofortification and metabolic engineering
 Abiotic stress and plant nutrition
 Biotechnology and biofuels
 Biotechnology, climate change and food security
 Biodiversity and conservation of phytogenetic resources
 Biotechnology and public perception
 Professional formation in biotechnology
 Scientific communication in biotechnology

Inscription Fees

 Foreign Participants:

The Inscription Fee allows delegates to receive the Accreditation Module, and to participate in the Professional Activities organized during the Symposium.

 Delegates: 300.00 CUC*
 Students: 150.00 CUC
 National Participants:
 Delegates: 300.00 CUP**

Payment of the Inscription Fee could be in cash during accreditation at the Symposium Venue.

You may visist the Official Site of the Central Bank of Cuba if you need some information about the exchange rate, interest rate, legal reserve, etc.

* Cuban Convertibles Pesos
** Cuban Pesos